Panorama of San Bernardino

Sunday, December 20, 2015

14 lines in 3 stanzas (in honor of the 14 lives lost)

14 lines
By Juanita E. Mantz

I am an Inland Empire Girl (the "IE")
Born in Great Falls, Montana
moved here when I was three
I am a OG 909er
who loves her hometown
I grew up in Ontario,
we called it Onterrible
I live in San Bernardino
I came home after years of running
To LA, Houston, then San Francisco
I came home to find myself
I came home to love myself
I came home to remember
Who I am

I am an Inland Empire Girl
And you can't talk bad about my hometown
Unless you're from here and even
Us old timers need to stop
Because we are beautiful people
of all colors and creeds
from a beautiful place
where orange trees and vineyards once reigned
Where the first McDonalds was built
The county where Beverly Clearly went to college
Nine years ago I came home
to remember all this and
To heal from my father's passing
Now I grieve for my city

I am an Inland Empire Girl
Asking, how should we mourn?
How about we hold our heads high
and vow that tomorrow is another day?
And wrap each other with peace and love
and make our place a better place
There is only this my friends
my fellow Inland Empire friends
There is only here, and now
And we need to remember those lives lost
those precious souls who went too soon
Let's show the world how much they matter,
That our love for our city matters and
that San Bernardino Matters.

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